On love and beauty, peeling paint and my recent fame

Love Potion 2

Hello! I’m famous! This newly acquired fame should get me some invites to all my friend’s summer barbeques! Well…I’m famous on one website, anyway. It’s a site for photographers and we get little trophy icons on our profiles whenever we achieve a certain level of popularity. Drop my name anywhere else and people will give you strange looks and ask, “who’s that?”

This bottle of love potion is a remake of an older piece I did for Valentine’s day. That was done in red. I think I like the blue better. It’s like I took some of this love potion and poured it all over that photography site. (http://www.redbubble.com/people/mzzart/works/15686187-love-potion-2?ref=recent-owner)

To add a little contrast to this post, I’ll tell you that I’ve always found beauty in peeling paint. In fact, you can find this photo of peeling paint on my Redbubble account, available on skirts, notebooks, etc. Like..every woman wants this on a skirt, right?


This beholder finds beauty in everything, even peeling paint

This beholder finds beauty in everything, even peeling paint

True Confession:

I found peeling paint to be really irresistible when I was a girl. I loved peeling paint from anything I could find. I would paint my fingernails just so I could peel it off before the polish set in.

Well, now that you’ve read the words of a famous artist, you should go visit one of my online stores.

There’s always something you can learn

No matter how talented, popular, brilliant and well-educated you are, there’s always something you can learn. Me, for instance: I need to learn ISO. ISO is, simply put, light sensitivity in photography. Please don’t refer to this blog if you’re looking for advice on photography. I’m no expert on technical terms. Anything technical pretty much turns me off, to be truthful. I learn things better, just through my own experience and a lot of experimenting.

I have a simple, inexpensive point-and-shoot camera.  There are automatic settings for those who don’t understand certain things about photography. Still, these automatic settings just don’t cut it in special situations. Yesterday, I read up on ISO. That knowledge was useful when I was taking pictures of fireworks, last night. All that learning did no good, when it came to timing the shots. Fireworks are shot off at random, disappearing quickly. At one point, I was just clicking at random, not really looking at the sky, hoping I’d capture one burst of light. I guess I should also have read about shutter speed. Needless to say, only one shot turned out half-decent. Though the video I took came out okay.

Here is some recent photography and artwork you may find in my Redbubble shop: link to my Redbubble profile

resting in moonlight

As daisies greet the evening sky

Maybe this guy has an account on Twitter? ;)

Maybe this guy has an account on Twitter? ;)

A Very Photogenic Toad

Before I tell you about the toad, I’ll keep you in suspense and tell you I’ve started a Redbubble account. Here’s the link to that:  http://www.redbubble.com/people/mzzart

I found a toad in my back yard a few days ago. I’ve always liked toads. This one was the cutest one I’d ever seen. It was very photogenic and insisted that I take its pic. Yes, it was also a bit conceited. :D Here are a few of the pics I took. The one with the moon and another one are available at my Redbubble site.

The Toad’s Moon (yes, I did this with my computer. I couldn’t get the toad to pose beneath the moon. I tried.) :D

The Toad's Moon

Now, a side view of the toad (I know you’re excited!) :D

photogenic toad, side view

And a front view of this very photogenic toad:

Smiling Toad

I’m doing it my way…

“I did it my wayyyyyyyyyyyy!” Frank Sinatra started his song with “And now the end is near, so I face the final curtain…” No worries. This illness isn’t terminal and I don’t plan on leaving the internet, just yet. Though, I do have my regrets and have felt like just giving up on putting my work out here for everyone to see. I’ve been posting my work for sale on the internet for about four years, now. I’ve worked a few of the popular print-on-demand sites. Work can mean a lot of things on those sites. Mostly, it really means exhausting yourself. For about a month I’ve entertained the idea of trying to sell work, myself, rather than trying to market it on the print-on-demand sites. Then, I realized that might have its own complications. I can’t give up. I need the money. I can’t work the sites as often as I’d like to because I’m just not well enough to do that. So…what to do?

Press #1 now, to speak to an annoying artist who thinks you should have her artwork in your home!

Press #1 now, to speak to an annoying artist who thinks you should have her artwork in your home!

To be honest….I don’t know. For now, I’m going to keep going, in hopes that things will turn around.  Maybe I’ll have home parties? Go ahead, laugh! If some people can sell Tupperware in other people’s homes, why can’t I do that with my art? How about standing on the street corner, dressed as the statue of liberty, waving a big sign that says “Buy my American Art!” Maybe I’ll become an annoying art telemarketer. Hey..why not? I already have hang-ups.