Maybe she is a bit nutz!

I have an artist friend who is–get this–giving away ten, as in “10” free portraits. You read that right. Marie Godwin is a very talented artist who is giving away free portraits of you, your pet, or someone else you love. For no particular reason, she just decided to do this one day, right after she woke up from the deep rest known as “sleep”. Artists don’t really rest. We create in our sleep. Well, maybe not on canvas or paper, but our dreams often give us the inspiration for our works. Our muses whisper ideas into our ears while we sleep and pack them away into our brain cells for later reference. I suspect this idea of Marie’s was all her own because no muse would ever claim responsibility for suggesting such a thing.

The contest is running until this Sunday and Marie told me there are still some spots left! You could win a portrait of your hamster or fifteenth cousin, twice removed! Here’s a link to the details:

marie's contest

New life for my older work

When I started doing my doodles,  I never thought I’d be trying to sell it. I just did it for kicks. I also did them on typing paper, with gel pens. Many of these drawings have faded over the years, so I want to give them new life. I’m really glad I have a computer and and some art/editing programs to do that! Here’s one I did in a lot of colors. It was really fading. I changed it to a sepia tone with’s free program, then changed the hue to this lovely green, just in time for St. Patrick’s day!

Some things, you may never want to see again, but you can't unsee them.

Some things, you may never want to see again, but you can’t “unsee” them.


So. How often have I heard not to start a sentence with that word? So. So. So. So so. Oh SO le mio! I had to look that song up. I’ve always liked it. The sun is mentioned a lot in this song. I like the sun. I like the moon. I like the symbolism of the sun and moon together in art because it means balance. (I know balance exists. I’m really trying hard to find it!) Though, I’m a lot more balanced than I once was. I’ve been working on it.

I recently redid an old artwork and gave it some new life. Below is the original, followed by the two newest updates to this piece.


Balance, harmony of sun and moon…

Sun Shining and Moon SleepingIncognito

The links to the prints and products for these artworks are in this blog’s about page.


The Moon Rose(Insert your very personal favorite expletive or creative non-expletive clean word that works well for you when you realize you’ve been neglecting something that should be really important to you, like your blog.) Again, I’ve been neglecting posting. Though, The part of me that’s compassionate to me at times like this says I’m doing pretty good for the shape I’m in. It’s okay. I won’t tell you what the very harsh, critical part of myself is saying. She needs to cut me some slack.

Is this a blog? It’s more like a random posting of last-minute “oh-I–just-realized-I-haven’t-updated-my-Wordpress-thingy-lately” kind of stuff. And the usual photo or other artwork I want you all to see.

News: I started another profile on Society6, just for my moon photos and artwork. Here’s a little example of the kind of thing you’ll see there.