What’s in a name?

Dance Cose-up of letter D

My artwork, that’s what! I’ve joined forces with the wonderful folks at Artasia Custom Framing and Photo Works who create matted name frames. I’ll be filling in your name or any word with lots of my doodles. Artasia has been in business for a very long time, and I’m excited to be adding my artwork to their extensive line of mats and frames.

Doodling and zentangles are really hot! You can get a frame with your name, your business name, a family member’s name, your pet’s name..the possibilities are infinite! Not only that, but you can also add the symbol of your choice! They have sports icons, primitive symbols, things that will appeal to children, flowers–you name it, they’ve got it! One friend said she’d like to have the words, ‘faith’, ‘hope’, and ‘love’ done like this.

The names are available in a wide variety of colors of mats, along with some skillfully crafted frames. The letters and symbols are 3 1/4″ wide and 4″high.  The mat size is 8″ height and the length depends on how many letters or characters. The frames can be any style or color but they usually use black wood frames but metal frames are also available. I can fill the characters in with doodles to match. If I can’t find a marker in a certain color, I’ll use paint, just like I did with the paint that matches the mat in this frame.

Prices: You can get your name or up to eight characters for $50.00. That’s a steal, considering that you’ll have a quality frame and mat, your choice of colors, and my original, unique artwork! It’s different every time! Shipping available only in the US, and shipping costs are extra. After that, it’s still a deal!

Get the latest decorating trend for your home!

To order, please contact either me, or Artasia Custom Framing and Photo Works. Let us know what colors and characters you’d like used in your frame.You may contact Artasia at 330-534-3353 or 724-977-8570, or at artasiaframing@yahoo.com. Here’s the link to their great website:  http://www.artasia.zenfolio.com

You may contact me at melzzartt@att.net or MZBohrer@aol.com, or you may use the message button on my facebook art page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/MElzzartt/242247195801998

Thanks again to all my fans!

Here comes the sun…


I really like art that depicts the sun and moon together. I did this by taking two different drawings and merging them together, then changing the color. After several days of dreary weather, we’ve had intermittent bouts of sun, as I like to describe it. This morning’s sunrise was spectacular! My cheap camera can’t take good pics of bright objects. (Either that, or I still haven’t figured out how to do make it do that.) Anyway, the sunrise inspired me to put this together.