Does it all have to make sense?


Does It All Have To Make Sense?

The answer is no. It doesn’t have to make sense. Realizing this will set you on the path to freedom. That’s the basis of what Jan Lundy says. Jan is a very prolific writer and spiritual teacher. She sends these little ‘beads of wisdom’ to my inbox every day. You can find her on

If you take a look at some of my abstract drawings, some of them appear chaotic, disorderly. Others seem to have a sense of order to them. Some of them are a mix of chaos and order. Many of my recent photographs and drawings have orbs. Orbs and circles have always represented eternity and completeness. If you look at a circle, it has no beginning; it has no ending.

People have tried since the beginning of time to explain things away, while the truth is some things defy all explanations. We put things in categories and boxes, organizing them to give our worlds some sense of order. Then, something catastrophic happens and our little worlds are turned upside down. Nothing seems to make sense.

We grasp for answers. Some look to their concept of the divine for comfort, some worry, in an attempt to have some control, some do both, others are turn to alcohol and other drugs for relief, and/or turn all the turmoil in on themselves and dwell in depression. Some people shop and overspend to give themselves a sense of security. Writers have written books since ancient time to try and explain things. People spend lots of money in their search for the answers that don’t exist.

Still, the things that happen don’t make sense.

Children kill themselves because they’re being bullied, gunmen launch attacks on universities, wars rage all over the globe, our loved ones die of incurable diseases, and marriages fall apart.

In my own little world, my newborn great-nephew had bleeding on the brain, now has hydrocephalus and had to have a feeding tube put in. I know that my niece and her husband are going through their own personal hells, right now. It doesn’t make sense. Trying to rationalize all of this pain depletes our energy, zaps of strength.

I’m not even going to talk about ‘the divine’ or what role ‘God’ plays in this and other things that happen. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to say that it’s pointless to try and understand some things. Asking why only adds to our misery, robbing us of peace.

We can only do what we can do, choose to engage our faith if we have some, and move on.

Terrible things still happen. Knowing that it doesn’t make sense doesn’t change things; it only helps us realize that there is nothing we can do to control some things, helps us realize that we need to let it go.

You don’t have to agree with me, or anyone else. This is me, how I choose to deal with things. We all have to follow our own paths. What matters is that we meet peacefully somewhere in the middle.

Look at this picture of a flower inside of an orb. My friend Tina said that it remind her of a glass plate with the universe inside. The control freak in me almost wishes it were that simple, that I could just pick up that glass plate and have control of the universe inside of it.

To me this pic looks like the bubble of our universe. I’m a little speck of pollen on the center of that flower inside of the bubble. Bubbles burst.

I can’t understand many of the things that happen as this bubble drifts along in the wind. Letting go…