As we mature, we experience lots of changes.  I’m on a journey of personal change.  I’m growing as a person, becoming aware of who I am, changing the things that I can, letting go of things that I cannot.

While I was creating my drawing ‘Aware’, I thought about this process of personal growth.  After I scanned it, I realized that my scanner didn’t accurately pick up the
colors that I used.  The original colors are distorted.  The original drawing is on a bright pink background, with lines in another shade of pink, black, and some gold.  If you look carefully, you’ll see a few faces and a fish hidden in this drawing.  You might find some other shapes.  When I became aware that my lines had formed the shape of a face I added the eye that you see in the middle, towards the top.

The black lines represent those painful things in life that we have let go of.  Letting go
of these things creates distinct changes in us.  Though other people my not know
exactly what we’ve had to release, the change deeply impacts our personalities and they can see this difference.  I’ve become aware of things that I needed to change.  They were as obvious to me as those black lines.  I changed what I could by letting go of the things that I could not.

The pink lines represent the experiences of our past.  They’re part of the entire picture, they’re presence is known, but they aren’t as pronounced as the other lines.  They’re the faded memories, happy and sad.

The golden lines represent what we can do with our experiences.  We can turn them into ‘golden cords’.  Our experiences can make me more compassionate towards others who suffer, and that compassion can enable us to help others who have had some of
the same experiences.  We use our good experiences to make life better for
ourselves and others.

I created a different version of this drawing, by enhancing it with my computer.
I completely changed the colors of the lines, but they’re still there.  The entire picture–the person we are–will continue to change.  The lines will be there, more and more lines of change will appear.  We are works ever-changing art, masterpieces in progress.