A little more color in my world…

Color my world...

Color my world…

I visited the Trumbull Art Gallery in Warren, Ohio, last month. Today, I had an appointment with the director of the gallery shop. She’s going to sell some of my work on consignment. This might not seem like a big deal to most people. To me, it is. I’m moving beyond my comfort zone and putting myself out there for the world to see! If you’re ever in the area, check out the gallery! I’m glad everyone can see all these wonderful works of art, via the website: http://www.trumbullartgallery.com .

I colorized this pic of a tree in winter, then did a polar inversion with my paint.net software. I like the effect.


All things intriguing

…To me, that is. I’ve just realized you don’t know much about me, other than the fact that I can be very philosopical, very spiritual, very funny, very boring. While perusing other blogs I found someone’s list of all things awesome. I figured awesome is an overdone word. Intriguing sounds better. Here are some things I find intriguing, even awesome:

(in no particular order)

odd news
shrunken apple head dolls
tabloids (not the gossip, though.)
paper clips and fasteners (weird, I know.)
peeling wallpaper (proabably also a little weird. or awesome.)
hardware stores
antique lace
the Higgs Boson
1970’s stuff
Poetry by Sylvia Plath
flea market people
cobalt blue glass
portabella mushroom ravioli
music from the 1930’s
peacock feathers

I’ll bet my closest friends just learned something new about me. I could add more, but I’d lose that sense of mystery real artists seem to have. What’s on your list of all things intriguing?

This was once a picture of a barberry twig with berries against a background of snow. Intriguing? Awesome?