It really shouldn’t be this way

But it is. So, we deal. When we’re not dealing with the B.S. at hand, we creatives create. We draw, we paint, we etch, we carve, we take pictures. Art is my favorite coping mechanism. Here’s a piece I posted to my new society6 account:Image

I call it “Obey the Earworm”. An earworm is a song you can’t seem to get out of your head. Listening to music is another one of my favorite coping mechanisms. Though, listening to the same song over and over in your head can be annoying, even if it’s a song you like. Though, maybe hosting an earworm is one of the brain’s ways of dealing with stress. What do you think?

Lately, my personal life has been more crazy than usual. Add to that some trouble online: Things are kind of messed up with all my online accounts since I was hacked. So, now I have two Society6 accounts. I’ve decided not to promote anything I’ve already promoted with my other account on that site. Integrity is that important to me.

Raise a glass of your favorite beverage and make a toast to the earworm with me. 😀 To distract yourself, why not visit either one of my pages on Society6? Here’s are links to those profiles:

Visual Art: poetry without words and rhymes

Visual art is like poetry without the words and rhymes. Taking a look at my crazy drawings, I wonder what most people think I’m actually saying. I’ve said that doing these things helps me to relax, or to process my thoughts, to live with chronic pain. I haven’t been working on drawings this week. Instead, I’ve been editing photos I took over the summer.

I  want to share a poem with you, written by a friend, Linda Hatton. She runs Mouse Tales Press, where you may find some of my written works in the archives. Here’s a poem from her blog, The Whatnot shop:

Bitter Memory Potion


Take a spoonful

of memory, hold
your nose, swallow
without a gag, wash
it away with gob-
let of tears, swish
around aftermath
of releasing clutches
the holds have on you,
sweeten future with a dash
of foggy morning, running
shoes stumbling on
their way to fresh bitter-
sweets, swallowing
it all away to empty.

  –by Linda Hatton

Do you see what I mean? Words, written into poetry, create images and take our minds to places we’ve all been, on some level. Though, not everyone is able to so wonderfully describe how they feel. That’s where visual art takes its place, for some. They create things for others to see–little parts of themselves, splattered onto canvas, or taking some other form.

We all interpret the things that happen through our own eyes. All our previous experiences affect how we deal with what is happening, now.  Nobody else completely understands us or our experience with the difficult things of life, though they’ve been through similar things.

All forms of art help people process where they’re at, where they’ve been. I don’t think art would be as exciting , if there were no hardships in life.

What you just read were my deepest thoughts at 4:30 a.m.  😀 😀 😀

If you’d like to see more of Linda Hatton’s poetry, please visit her at Mouse Tales Press, at , or at The Whatnot Shop, at