Balancing Act

Maybe I’ve written about balance before. I need to write about it again–for myself. I’ve allowed my life to get way out of balance again.

I had been spending too much time online. While many of the things I was doing online were healthy and helpful to others, I was neglecting parts of my life. I wasn’t spending enough of my time nurturing my body and spirit.

I need to be well. If that means cutting out some of the time that I spent with my facebook friends, they’ll understand if they’re real friends. There comes a time when we have to do what’s in our best interest.

I’ll be working out, eating better, and resting, just being. I’ll be meditating and reading things that help me in my life. I’ll continue with my art and writing. I’ll have even more time to do those things. I’m on a path to complete wellness, a healing journey. When I’m creating, I process feelings, evaluate my relationships, and sometimes I think of nothing else but the thing I’m working on.

Thank you to all of you for following me, for taking an interest in what I do. I hope my Facebook followers will continue to follow me. I’d also like to see your artwork and poetry on my Facebook art wall. Please consider joining us!  Here’s the link: