Courage of the Tigress

I like the mirror feature on Photoscape.. I created this from a drawing and mirrored it to get the tigress. I don’t know if you see her. Actually, there’s two of her. One is gentle, the other is roaring with courage. Life demands both of those qualities, doesn’t it? I think it’s possible to be both gentle and courageous. I’m working on the gentle part. 😀Image

It is what you think it is.

Art is a personal thing. We all interpret it according to our own experiences. It’s like life. We see what we need to see, what we’re meant to see. We experience things from our own perspective. That’s why there can be three different witness accounts from the same event.

Abstract art leaves a lot to the imagination. Or, does it? Could it be that what you’re seeing is something, someone you’ve already seen? I know that sounds crazy.

There’s a down side to creativity. We creatives can destroy ourselves, worrying. Our imaginations can be a curse. Still, creativity is the only thing that keeps a lot of us going. It’s a coping mechanism.

Maybe some thoughts just run too deep for me. I could easily write more about this subject. I’ll spare you all that.  What do you see in this?

You interpret