So goes art…

We make our plans and life has a way of rearranging them. The same thing happens with artwork. We start out with a sketch, hoping to turn it into a similar painting. Something happens and it turns into something either just a little different, or changes into  something unalike what we had in our minds.

This painting is no exception. At this point, it doesn’t look much like a painting. The colors are as close to the original as I can get. Artworks just don’t look the same once you scan or photograph them. Well, that’s how it is for me, anyway. So, I used a program to make the scanned copy look more like my painting.

The image also looks a little different than my sketch. I decided to put a glove on one hand. You might interpret the meaning of the glove differently than I do.  Years down the road, we might both look at this image differently. That’s because life changes our perspectives.

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Once in a while, a bit of wisdom flashes across my tired brain cells and I feel compelled to share:

Procrastinating is a verb. That means I am doing something, right?


Who says procrastination means doing nothing? Procrastinate is a verb.

“Procrastinating” is the verb of the day. I should say, “was”. I procrastinated for about four hours. I checked all my email accounts, facebook, looked through my pics, ate bad food, did all the things necessary in putting off what I should be doing. What I should have been doing had nothing to do with art, btw. I should have been making two phone calls.

I finally got tired of clicking and noshing and decided to call the insurance company and the provider’s offices. Did I mention I don’t like making phone calls to offices? The first call greeted my ears with something that sounded like someone was strangling a bird. My apologies to other sensitive, visual thinkers. The second call had not only a call menu, but a few sub-menus. Yes, I said sub-menus. These are the reasons why I was procrastinating in the first place. This always happens when I call these people.

One thing I don’t procrastinate on is art. In fact art has become one of the things I do to procrastinate. It’s a way of producing something so I won’t feel so guilty for procrastinating.

Lately, I’ve been working on illustrations for a local author’s book. This is a first for me. I’ve made several attempts to fit this guy’s descriptions. I finally did a really good drawing and I’m waiting for him to get back to me. Despite a family crisis and not feeling well, along with the holidays happening, I’ve been able to produce several drawings. This is one of my failed attempts. Have a good day!

Cheese Doodled

They say the best way to have the upper hand with your enemy is to know them. What if that enemy only exists in your thoughts? I could write a little description of the inner critic, make up some list of their tactics, tell you how to avoid them.. I’ve decided against doing that.

I pondered this whole subject of the inner critic for a while. I thought maybe I had an entire legion of them. I thought they ran around my brain, masquerading as everyone who ever hurt me, saying all the nasty things every bully ever said to me, stopping me from doing the things I want to do and the things I need to do. I thought they made excuses for me and helped me conjure up reasons why I can’t do some things.

Psychologists, life coaches, and writers have made lots of money off of those who think the inner critic exists. I’m an artist. That means I challenge traditional thought. Today I’ve decided to challenge the idea that an inner critic actually exists. As long as I think I’ve got an inner critic challenging my creativity, I don’t have to produce art.

I can’t sit around and eat cheese doodles, waiting until this figment of my imagination, this so-called inner critic, goes away. I’ve just got to stop believing in her. Cheese doodles only serve to give us orange lips and fat on our hips.