Too many pics in my computer!

I’ve just realized that I have lots of pictures in my computer, on flash drives, and stored in my camera. To add to that, I’ve got drawers full pictures that have actually been printed on paper. So, I’ll unload and upload some digital files here.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Anderson said that. I’ll take a little flower or a big one. The big flowers were calling out my name when I was out at the park the other day. This one just happened to be posing for a picture. 🙂


That’s a normal pic. It’s of a flower. The world has lots of flowers and lots of pictures of flowers. How about something a little different:


One more pic. Hmm…let’s see. Too many too choose from. you go:


If you’d like copies of these pics or any of the others you see on this blog, minus the watermark, I’d be glad to have some printed and sent to you for a decent price. Just contact me at Thanks for stopping by!

Glorified scribbles?

Sometimes, I really question what I’m doing. I really like my photography and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, given that I’ve taught myself most of what I know how to do with my cheap digital camera. I’m glad I decided to post my photos along with my drawings on this blog. That changes things up for my audience. Though, I sometimes feel a little apprehensive about posting my drawings.

It’s like my drawings are all too personal. I feel that a lot of them look like glorified scribbles. I process my stress in my drawings. Having chronic, debilitating pain and raising an autistic teenager in a world that isn’t autism-friendly can be really challenging.

This has nothing to do with putting myself down. It’s about realizing just what’s happening, here. My drawing is a healthy outlet for me. If it turns out something that nobody else finds to be aesthetically pleasing, that’s okay; I’ve managed to find some sort of release. That’s all that really matters.

One of my better glorified scribbles…