Glorified scribbles?

Sometimes, I really question what I’m doing. I really like my photography and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, given that I’ve taught myself most of what I know how to do with my cheap digital camera. I’m glad I decided to post my photos along with my drawings on this blog. That changes things up for my audience. Though, I sometimes feel a little apprehensive about posting my drawings.

It’s like my drawings are all too personal. I feel that a lot of them look like glorified scribbles. I process my stress in my drawings. Having chronic, debilitating pain and raising an autistic teenager in a world that isn’t autism-friendly can be really challenging.

This has nothing to do with putting myself down. It’s about realizing just what’s happening, here. My drawing is a healthy outlet for me. If it turns out something that nobody else finds to be aesthetically pleasing, that’s okay; I’ve managed to find some sort of release. That’s all that really matters.

One of my better glorified scribbles…