The Moon Rose(Insert your very personal favorite expletive or creative non-expletive clean word that works well for you when you realize you’ve been neglecting something that should be really important to you, like your blog.) Again, I’ve been neglecting posting. Though, The part of me that’s compassionate to me at times like this says I’m doing pretty good for the shape I’m in. It’s okay. I won’t tell you what the very harsh, critical part of myself is saying. She needs to cut me some slack.

Is this a blog? It’s more like a random posting of last-minute “oh-I–just-realized-I-haven’t-updated-my-Wordpress-thingy-lately” kind of stuff. And the usual photo or other artwork I want you all to see.

News: I started another profile on Society6, just for my moon photos and artwork. Here’s a little example of the kind of thing you’ll see there.