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It’s been one of those weeks where I haven’t been satisfied with anything I’ve drawn. Until today. Not that I’m a perfectionist; I gave up perfectionism a long time ago. Every creative person has a time when their work truly stinks.

Today, after about five sheets of paper went into my scrap pile, I finally turned out this one. I’m calling it ‘Wings and Petals’. Coming up with a name for my drawings can be as exasperating as trying to turn out a drawing that’s worth posting. Yes, I did say I’m not a perfectionist. 🙂



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A walk in the woods

This was one of those times when I was really grateful that I had my camera with me. I was with my husband and youngest son, at a local park. Either the natural light from the sun was just hitting the trees the right way, or I must know how to get a good shot! 🙂 Anyway, this is one of my recent favorite pics:



Same pic with a slight change in hue:Image

I spend lots of time with my camera. Could you tell?  🙂



Melzzartt FB page

ImageI did this drawing on paper, posted it on my Facebook art page the other day, then decided that I’d like to see how I could change it with a computer program. I changed it twice. This green one is closest to the original. A color change and a filter made it even more interesting:


Not everyone appreciates digital art. These two pieces of art are a good example of how computers can be used to enhance standard drawings. Here’s a copy of the original:


I also do artwork with just the computer. I’ve debated posting digital art on my Facebook art page, not knowing how my audience feels about it. A few friends gave me mixed reviews when I asked for their honest opinions. So, I decided that I’ll just post whatever kind of art I happen to be doing, from now on. In the near future you might even get to see some of the mixed media works I do in my art journal.

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