It’s how you see it

Just BeeThis is my latest painting, “Just Bee”.

It’s been said that good art elicits some sort of emotion. This work is the result of a late-night conversation with an online friend. I had painted this person without the bee hive on their head and I asked my friend what she would put on the head if she were the one painting it. She suggested a bee hive. I don’t know if she was talking about the hair style. I painted an actual bee hive.

Once I had finished the painting, I asked for some opinions from some other friends. Needless to say, some people found it definitely evoked feelings. A couple of people even thought it was disturbing. (I had quotes by these friends all typed out and ready to put in this post but they disappeared from my document.) I find losing my document disturbing. My apologies to those friends!

The intent of this painting was to show a person who is in a meditative and peaceful state, while the bees of thought buzz around her head. We all interpret art differently. Just Bee with it.