The master’s butterfly…

I came across this profound quote the other day, Just when I needed it the most. Look for this photo of mine and the quote featured on a wrapped canvas and other products in my Zazzle online store. It should be available tomorrow.  Here’s the link to that:


I love taking pics of flowers. My neighborhood is blessed with a little park where there are abundant roses for photographers to choose from. I also have a neighbor who has a knack for growing beautiful flowers. Here’s a pic I did of a rose from his yard. I changed the color for a different effect.I If you’re interested in this, or any of my other artwork, please contact me at Thank you.


These almost ended up in the trash

There are some drawings I’ve created that I’ve thought of throwing away because I just didn’t like the way they turned out. They were either too ‘busy’, or I made a huge mistake in them. I don’t like to just throw them away, so I keep them to cut and use in my art journals.

Some of these are terribly messy, if you ask me. Though, I have yet to create a masterpiece. One of these days, I will. I personally think my best drawing was ‘Carousel’, the abstract piece where a carousel horse showed up by itself. The link to that post:

Here are the ones I wouldn’t normally be posting. Most of these will end up in my art journal, used as backgrounds.