It takes courage.

In 2005, woman with a three-month old baby girl was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Today, that same woman, Heather Von St. James, is alive to spread awareness of this disease and the dangers of asbestos, a dangerous material that’s still not banned in the U.S.

Having lived with a chronic illness for several years, I can only relate on some level to what Heather dealt with, being ill and having to deal with doctors, hospitals, bills, everyday stresses. I can’t begin to imagine being told that I would die in fifteen months, as Heather was told. She’s really a courageous woman!

Please educate yourself about asbestos and mesothelioma, the cancer it’s causing. You may find more information about Heather Von St. James, mesothelioma, and asbestos at Heather’s website:

In this photo, there’s just a glimmer of orange hope in the clouds. I created a poster with this, called “Hopeful, with a chance of clouds”. When you first looked at this picture of a dark, cloudy sky, your eye was drawn to the orange sunlit clouds in the middle of the grey.


Hope is like that. All you need is a little hope to see beyond the dreary grey clouds of life.

Heather’s courage saved her life. That same courage is helping her to raise awareness of this horrific illness, potentially saving many lives. It takes courage to survive a death sentence like mesothelioma. I’m sure her courage fueled her hope, and hope fueled her dream to be well.

Heather Von St. James, I salute you!

Once again, the website for more info:

Courage of the Tigress

I like the mirror feature on Photoscape.. I created this from a drawing and mirrored it to get the tigress. I don’t know if you see her. Actually, there’s two of her. One is gentle, the other is roaring with courage. Life demands both of those qualities, doesn’t it? I think it’s possible to be both gentle and courageous. I’m working on the gentle part. 😀Image