Still creating?

Yes, I am! I’ve been creating things with Sculptamold, which is an air-dry paper modeling compound. I mix it with water and apply it to armature, of sorts, that I make from either paper or wire. It hardens, then I sand it, paint it and otherwise make it look like stuff. Here’s an anchor and an octopus. Does the anchor look real to you? Believe it or not, it doesn’t even weigh three pounds. The octopus isn’t exactly done because I may decide to add suckers to it. I do this kind of work, now, more than drawing and painting because I live with chronic pain and this is a lot easier on my fingers and wrists. The anchor is on display for a month with some of my drawings and a painting at Cravings, a cafe in Sharon Pennsylvania. Thanks for stopping by!20180105_103736.jpg20180103_130224.jpg