On love and beauty, peeling paint and my recent fame

Love Potion 2

Hello! I’m famous! This newly acquired fame should get me some invites to all my friend’s summer barbeques! Well…I’m famous on one website, anyway. It’s a site for photographers and we get little trophy icons on our profiles whenever we achieve a certain level of popularity. Drop my name anywhere else and people will give you strange looks and ask, “who’s that?”

This bottle of love potion is a remake of an older piece I did for Valentine’s day. That was done in red. I think I like the blue better. It’s like I took some of this love potion and poured it all over that photography site. (http://www.redbubble.com/people/mzzart/works/15686187-love-potion-2?ref=recent-owner)

To add a little contrast to this post, I’ll tell you that I’ve always found beauty in peeling paint. In fact, you can find this photo of peeling paint on my Redbubble account, available on skirts, notebooks, etc. Like..every woman wants this on a skirt, right?


This beholder finds beauty in everything, even peeling paint

This beholder finds beauty in everything, even peeling paint

True Confession:

I found peeling paint to be really irresistible when I was a girl. I loved peeling paint from anything I could find. I would paint my fingernails just so I could peel it off before the polish set in.

Well, now that you’ve read the words of a famous artist, you should go visit one of my online stores.

Playing With the Moon

That’s pretty much what I do. I play with the moon. I grab my camera and go looking for the moon. Then I try to get the perfect shot. When the mood is right, I run that thing through a digital art/photo-editing program and give it a little boost. Sometimes I leave it just as I shot it. Either way, I have fun playing. Here’s a little haiku to go with this one:

I chase phantom moons

Across empty parking lots.

Capturing bliss.


haiku and all artwork  ©Mel Bohrer 2014

Too many pics in my computer!

I’ve just realized that I have lots of pictures in my computer, on flash drives, and stored in my camera. To add to that, I’ve got drawers full pictures that have actually been printed on paper. So, I’ll unload and upload some digital files here.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Anderson said that. I’ll take a little flower or a big one. The big flowers were calling out my name when I was out at the park the other day. This one just happened to be posing for a picture. 🙂


That’s a normal pic. It’s of a flower. The world has lots of flowers and lots of pictures of flowers. How about something a little different:


One more pic. Hmm…let’s see. Too many too choose from. Okay..here you go:


If you’d like copies of these pics or any of the others you see on this blog, minus the watermark, I’d be glad to have some printed and sent to you for a decent price. Just contact me at artbymel@att.net. Thanks for stopping by!