YAY! and some randomness…

I haven’t updated this so-called blog for a while. There’s a reason for that: I couldn’t get in. I forgot that I’d changed my email addy associated with the account. There are reasons I forgot, all of which will only bore you.

Now for that randomness. Here are some things I bet even my closest friends may not know about me. If you’re an artist, please let me know if we have any of these things in common. That way, I’ll feel like an actual artist.

  1. I can touch my nose with my tongue. That means one of these body parts is long. Or it just means two of my body parts, at least, are very coordinated.
  2. I wore my hair in permanents for most of my twenties and thirties. I looked like a 90-year-old, minus the wrinkles.
  3. Beach glass is something I like to collect.  My favorite colors are cobalt blue and any of the greens.
  4. I once won an entire case of Girl Scout cookies. It was a radio contest and I was the lucky caller. Major lifetime achievement!
  5. I’ve never broken a bone. (none of my own.) I also knock on wood.
  6. A metal skewer once impaled my leg. (I’ll spare you the details.)
  7. I spent over a month in the hospital when I was about 5 years old. I was in a coma.
  8. I’ve never been arrested.
  9. My closest local friend has no social media accounts. (Yes, these people do exist and I’m beginning to envy them.) She rarely emails me but texts me on her phone all the time.
  10. 10. I’m very forgetful. See? I forgot I’d already typed a 10.
  11. I’ve never been in an airplane.
  12. I have some weird stuff in my art room that I’m hoping to make other weird stuff from, some day.
  13. I just realized I don’t know how to get this thing to stop typing numbers before I type a sentence.
  14. Please bear with me.
  15. There you go. Disclaimer: None of these random facts contain clues to my passwords. I promise. Here’s a pic of my pit mix, Abbey Kadabra:20180805_124316

Spontaneous Predictability

Lately, I’ve been doing lots of digital art. Drawing with pens is hard on my arthritic hands. I throw a little virtual paint on the canvas of my computer screen and brush it around with an assortment of ‘brushes’ It’s fun. Most of the time, I start out without plans for a certain design. It’s spontaneous.

I discovered that I could create a design with my paint program, then send that design to my picture program and distort it to create new designs. The end result looks like an arrangement in a kaleidoscope.

I’ve always loved kaleidoscopes. As a child, they were my favorite toys. I could create a whole new world with something that fit inside of my hands. I liked to be able to see the mirrors inside of the toy. The effect the reflections created could fascinate me for hours on end.

The pattens I saw were endless. I enjoyed gently tapping on the side of the toy to make even more designs. Sometimes, I even saw faces in the patterns, Many of the new designs I’ve created have faces in them. I see animals and people. I told you I was weird. Believe me now?

I suppose I like patterns because they’re repetitive; they’re consistent. The interesting thing, though, I can create entirely different ones each time. I like dependability and variety. I suppose I’m a lot like the designs I create. You can depend on me for certain things. Yet, I can be very unpredictable. Life is that way, isn’t it?

You can go outside and see the patterns in nature. The veins in a leaf look a lot like a tree. Some tiny sea creatures look like flowers. Onions have rings inside of them just like trees. Still, nature is unpredictable. It can take the kaleidoscope of our world and shake it violently, forever altering our lives. We can’t control any of that. We can only pick up the pieces and rebuild.

I like to do a variety of things and work them into my every day life. There are certain things I have to do every day, yet I allow for doing things spur-of-the moment. I guess being chronically ill has affected me that way. I have a hard time making plans, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to follow through. To cope with the disappointment, I find other things to do.

Oh, these are some deep thoughts, aren’t they? I’m capable of thoughts that run the gamut from silly to serious. The kaleidoscope of my mind is always changing. Maybe that’s why I create these designs? I know what some of my friends are thinking, reading this: Mel’s OCD is acting up again. Could be.

I realize that not many people would want art like this hanging on their walls. I’m taking the chance of making it available, anyway. Maybe there’s someone else who thinks in kaleidoscope. Maybe there’s someone else who can see the random things of life in patterns and take lessons from it. Maybe there’s someone else who appreciates random predictability.

‘Mystery Cats’

Spontaneous Predictability