Time for a cool change

“Time for a cool change’ is the title of a song from when I was growing up.

Looking back through my blog posts, I’ve noticed something:

I’m teaching you something.

You don’t need another teacher. My teaching you my beliefs and telling you my thoughts isn’t getting me anywhere, either.

So, from now on–I’ll just be myself. I’ll tell you about my day, but I won’t tell you what I learned from it. You have your own days to learn from.

Last week, I acted on impulse and started a photo blog. I had to scrap that for personal reasons. I wish I could tell you why, but you might learn something from that, and it’s not my job to teach you. I’m not a guru. (Though, I do like to stare at the sky, walk barefoot, and eat granola.)

Little River Band had the right idea in their song. To quote them:


There’s lots of those friendly people

Showing me which way to go

But I never want to lose their inspiration


In other words:

Yeah, what they’re saying might be okay, but I need to find my own way in this world. (Same for you.)

So, I’m gonna go stare at the moon like a lover and maybe create another abstract drawing. When I come back, hopefully, I won’t have anything to try to teach you. I’m done with that.

It’s time for a cool change.Image

This is my best work–‘Spelunking’.