It’s a win/win!


The other day, I had a contest on my Facebook art page. I had my followers look for the original piece of artwork I created my latest, this fish from. I had a winner in the first hour. A few hours later, I came back, and I had my other winner.


Creating art is a win/win. I process my thoughts or just meditate while I’m creating. As a bonus, I have artwork to sell, give away, or just to enjoy for myself. Here’s the original artwork I created this fish from. Look carefully, and you’ll find the fish. I knew I had to create a fish when I spotted it in there!


Look carefully, and you’ll see a woman’s face. This just proves that there’s always more than just you see when dealing with things and people. There. I created, I shared it, I gained some insights from this. It’s a win/win/win. 

What do you create?


Undo, redo, rinse, repeat…

This week I’ve been creating new pieces of artwork from old ones, using my computer and paint software. With most things and many people, you don’t get a do over. That’s why I like digital artwork. Gotta love that undo button!

I did a good piece with one of the first images I ever posted on this blog.


I took that and changed up the color, then cut out the shape  of a couple of elephants, added some plants and a tree.

Here’s what I finally ended up with:


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