It’s a choice

Whether or not things happen for a reason, they happen. We can choose to let them make us stronger. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  I feel it goes a bit deeper than that. I believe we allow it to make us stronger. I don’t think that strength just happens on its own. That choice comes from personal strength. We each have our own ideas of where that strength comes from, according to our own experiences. It’s there, whether or not you feel it.

“She’s strong”


All things intriguing

…To me, that is. I’ve just realized you don’t know much about me, other than the fact that I can be very philosopical, very spiritual, very funny, very boring. While perusing other blogs I found someone’s list of all things awesome. I figured awesome is an overdone word. Intriguing sounds better. Here are some things I find intriguing, even awesome:

(in no particular order)

odd news
shrunken apple head dolls
tabloids (not the gossip, though.)
paper clips and fasteners (weird, I know.)
peeling wallpaper (proabably also a little weird. or awesome.)
hardware stores
antique lace
the Higgs Boson
1970’s stuff
Poetry by Sylvia Plath
flea market people
cobalt blue glass
portabella mushroom ravioli
music from the 1930’s
peacock feathers

I’ll bet my closest friends just learned something new about me. I could add more, but I’d lose that sense of mystery real artists seem to have. What’s on your list of all things intriguing?

This was once a picture of a barberry twig with berries against a background of snow. Intriguing? Awesome?



The Art of Nature’s Inner Beauty

The art of Nature’s Inner Beauty

I recently had an order for custom artwork. Kelly Wilson, a lady from the UK, described to me what she wanted, a ‘leafy maze’. Assignment accepted, I took out some pens and went to work. The first drawing came out okay. I liked it, but it wasn’t in my usual style. The second one was definitely more like it. The picture below is the finished product.

Those who know me well know that I love nature. I spend a lot of time outdoors. I love walking on my better days. When my pain level is up, I like to sit in my back yard and watch the clouds. Doing this helps me to feel relaxed. There’s a healing power in the natural world, an inner beauty to nature.

Spending time outdoors has healed me in my spirit. I’ve gained a greater understanding of life, just by carefully observing the things all around me.

The wind blows leaves in all directions.

I’ve found oak leaves in my back yard, and I don’t have an oak tree. The closest oak tree is down the road and across the street. Some leaves from that same tree will end up in another neighborhood. Just like birds will migrate to different parts of the world.

People are like that. When the winds of circumstance blow our way, we all react differently. There comes a time for change. Leaves change colors, then fly away from the tree. We change, and must adapt to the changes each day brings to our lives.

There’s great diversity in nature.

Flowers come in many colors, varieties, sizes and shapes. Trees and grasses are the same. Roses and dandelions are both flowers. Fescue and crabgrass are both grasses. Oaks and Trees of Heaven are both types of trees. People are diverse, but we’re all still people. We have more in common than we have those things that might set us apart.

There is beauty in a storm.

Even when the winds are blowing fiercely, trees and buildings are shaking, the sky looks beautiful. The different shades of grey clouds blend to form works of art. Even though horrible things happen in life, something beautiful can always come from tragedy. People pull together to help one another when times are tough. We learn from our difficulties, proving that beauty exists,despite the challenges we face.

Nature is like life.

You can depend on certain things, and some things are very unpredictable. Every morning the sun rises; every evening, the sun sets. Winters temperatures are cooler, while summer temperatures are warmer. On the flip side of that, a beautiful sunny day can change into a damp, foggy day in a short time.

The natural world is a work of art. It’s beautiful to look at, it appeals to all of our senses, it teaches us many things. You don’t need to sit at the feet of a professor of philosophy or theology to learn about life. All you need to do is go outside.