Picking Lavender

I’d love to be picking lavender but the ground is covered in snow.  When you like to take pictures you’ll jump on every chance to get a great shot.  Here’s a pic of the tree in front of my house during a huge evening snow storm:

Winter's Artwork

I had to create something colorful, something that reminded me of something that lies just beneath all that snow. I call this one “Picking Lavender”:

lavender 2 copy

It really shouldn’t be this way

But it is. So, we deal. When we’re not dealing with the B.S. at hand, we creatives create. We draw, we paint, we etch, we carve, we take pictures. Art is my favorite coping mechanism. Here’s a piece I posted to my new society6 account:Image

I call it “Obey the Earworm”. An earworm is a song you can’t seem to get out of your head. Listening to music is another one of my favorite coping mechanisms. Though, listening to the same song over and over in your head can be annoying, even if it’s a song you like. Though, maybe hosting an earworm is one of the brain’s ways of dealing with stress. What do you think?

Lately, my personal life has been more crazy than usual. Add to that some trouble online: Things are kind of messed up with all my online accounts since I was hacked. So, now I have two Society6 accounts. I’ve decided not to promote anything I’ve already promoted with my other account on that site. Integrity is that important to me.

Raise a glass of your favorite beverage and make a toast to the earworm with me. 😀 To distract yourself, why not visit either one of my pages on Society6? Here’s are links to those profiles:



Grey. (Subtitle: “Really?”)

Really? Pain woke me up around 3:00 a.m. I didn’t rush to my little storage room/studio/hole-in-the-wall to create. Instead, I came downstairs to my computer. Not that I don’t want to create. I feel like everything I’ve created lately really reeks. It’s so bad, I find myself scribbling on paper, then cutting through the lines with an eraser, making words. Somehow, ‘create’ in eraser doesn’t look so inspiring.

It’s not that I’m being too hard on myself. You haven’t seen it. This rubbish so bad, I probably won’t even use it for art journaling backgrounds. It’s going in the recycling bin.

I went to my email account to find a letter from Nanowrimo. They said the novel I finished a couple months ago is begging me to revise it. I’ve tried writing. Even writing’s not working for me, lately.

My muses haven’t left me; I have lots of ideas. The pens and paper aren’t cooperating. My camera would love me to be outside, taking pics of grey skies and mud. I’m just not into it.

I’m going to spend some time doing other things and just going with the lack of flow. That’s about all I can do to cope with this–accept it. Let ‘it’ not happen. Bring on the grey skies!

The pic below is one I took several days ago. Welcome to my grey-skied world.Image