It really shouldn’t be this way

But it is. So, we deal. When we’re not dealing with the B.S. at hand, we creatives create. We draw, we paint, we etch, we carve, we take pictures. Art is my favorite coping mechanism. Here’s a piece I posted to my new society6 account:Image

I call it “Obey the Earworm”. An earworm is a song you can’t seem to get out of your head. Listening to music is another one of my favorite coping mechanisms. Though, listening to the same song over and over in your head can be annoying, even if it’s a song you like. Though, maybe hosting an earworm is one of the brain’s ways of dealing with stress. What do you think?

Lately, my personal life has been more crazy than usual. Add to that some trouble online: Things are kind of messed up with all my online accounts since I was hacked. So, now I have two Society6 accounts. I’ve decided not to promote anything I’ve already promoted with my other account on that site. Integrity is that important to me.

Raise a glass of your favorite beverage and make a toast to the earworm with me. 😀 To distract yourself, why not visit either one of my pages on Society6? Here’s are links to those profiles:

7 thoughts on “It really shouldn’t be this way

  1. Creating is the best way to banish stress. I really like this work here – I can relate to the ear worms, lol. Sorry to hear you were hacked. Your art on society6 is very interesting. How do you do those “op art” pieces? Are they done in something like photoshop – they are really amazing.

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