Games people play

I went into the arts. I put myself out there. I’ve reaped some of the rewards of this. I’ve met others, I’ve become more confident, I’ve grown on a personal level, I’ve pushed my own limitations, I’ve learned more about people and how to deal with them. Still, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in social media. At the risk of sounding like a certain person who uses his TV show to blast everything modern and fun, I’ll tell you more.

I joined a few popular sites for selling my artwork. It seems to me that people will comment on your work or promote it, only for self-promotion. (Not that everyone does it for the wrong motive.)  I find that disturbing. If I genuinely ‘like’ something, I’ll ‘like’ it in the social networking, art-promoting sense. If I honestly want to follow someone’s blog, I’ll follow. I used to follow back, out of a sense of obligation and even guilt. I can’t do that if I want to be true to myself.

Our lawn mower wasn’t working this past week and my husband asked the neighbor if he could borrow his. The neighbor said he would. We went somewhere, came home, and our grass was done. We’ve since had our lawn mower fixed and my husband says he’ll return the favor, it’s ‘the gentleman’s law’.

Does selling art work the same way? How about just being friends? It would seem so on social networks and art-selling sites, not that returning favors is a bad thing. I just don’t want people to ‘like’ my art, to follow me on this or any other site, my art out of a sense of obligation. I also don’t want people, especially other artists, to send me friend requests just to promote their business. I don’t need the fakery and the fuckery, to be blunt.

I need money.  I have medical needs that aren’t covered by insurance. I have lots of things in my personal life that need attended to, can’t be taken care of without cash. Still, I won’t play these games and sell my soul in order to sell art. That’s not who I am, not who I want to be.

If I lose followers and friends for stating how I feel about something that’s important to me, then that’s just the way it is. I’m not into playing games.Image Let’s be real.

5 thoughts on “Games people play

  1. I hope that those who go through the trouble to promote their art soullessly area actually good at doing it or else they are wasting time. Even good art has trouble being found (not that I would label myself as a good artist).

    Although I can’t fully understand what it is like to get spam followers, I have had requests from fashion blogs to follow. These blogs have tons of followers, and I can’t help but wonder why follow such a tiny blog like mine? Do you really need a follow back that badly?

    Good luck with your artwork, blog and life! I am sure you will get followers/customers emphasizing your art and style rather than sales gimmicks.

    • Good points! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I was following a fashion blogger only because they followed me. It took an hour to get past all their posts to get to see any of the other bloggers I followed. So, I unfollowed them. :)Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I admit I have ‘liked’ a few pages on Facebook in a ‘they liked mine so I should like theirs’ fashion as well as a few blogs. But I genuinely like see all the different types and styles of art. I often share other artists’ work; some because I truly like it and some because it is unusual. I admit that I hope to promote myself as well when I share but the fact that few people reciprocate doesn’t stop me from sharing. I follow a number of FB pages and blogs of people who don’t follow me because when I have time I enjoy the whole experience.

    • I’ve done it. I also like different types of art and really appreciate creativity, in general. It can be a an enjoyable experiece, given the great artwork that’s out there. Sometimes I’m just amazed at the art I see.
      I just feel it’s wrong for me, personally, to promote people in hopes of them promoting me. Maybe I just overthink things? I don’t know. I feel kind of bad putting this out there, but I talked with a close friend and she doesn’t think it’s necessarily a wrong thing for me to do. I think some things need to be said. I think I wrote it in response to people adding me as a friend, then ignoring me and sending me spam.

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