Cheese Doodled

They say the best way to have the upper hand with your enemy is to know them. What if that enemy only exists in your thoughts? I could write a little description of the inner critic, make up some list of their tactics, tell you how to avoid them.. I’ve decided against doing that.

I pondered this whole subject of the inner critic for a while. I thought maybe I had an entire legion of them. I thought they ran around my brain, masquerading as everyone who ever hurt me, saying all the nasty things every bully ever said to me, stopping me from doing the things I want to do and the things I need to do. I thought they made excuses for me and helped me conjure up reasons why I can’t do some things.

Psychologists, life coaches, and writers have made lots of money off of those who think the inner critic exists. I’m an artist. That means I challenge traditional thought. Today I’ve decided to challenge the idea that an inner critic actually exists. As long as I think I’ve got an inner critic challenging my creativity, I don’t have to produce art.

I can’t sit around and eat cheese doodles, waiting until this figment of my imagination, this so-called inner critic, goes away. I’ve just got to stop believing in her. Cheese doodles only serve to give us orange lips and fat on our hips.



6 thoughts on “Cheese Doodled

  1. Oh I can relate. The inner critic is a real problem child, a hinderance, a prison warden. But ‘you can’t please all the people all the time’ and that goes for that inner critic as well. Art is therapeutic for me, I don’t really think of myself as an artist – I have yet to master a technique, I don’t have the patience to learn art theory – but I love what you wrote – you challenge traditional thought.

    Anyway – love the painting, it’s vibrant it projects an innocence. reminds me of a carefree child who has yet to be controlled by the inner critic.

    • There are a lot of techniques I need to master. I think the more artwork we do, the more confidence we have. Thanks for the comment on my artwork! Art is therapeutic for me, too. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t use my hands.

  2. It is hard to battle that inner demon – even more so when sales are down, time to paint hard to come by, responses from the people around you are wishy-washy and even the weather is fickle. BUT! we persist because we also have an inner angel. And the cheese doodles? Well, I use ice cream or cheesies. lol!!

    • So true, Val! I think we have to truly believe that we have good in us, tell ourselves we’re creative and productive, even if we don’t see evidence of that. Thanks for stopping by!

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