It’s a win/win!


The other day, I had a contest on my Facebook art page. I had my followers look for the original piece of artwork I created my latest, this fish from. I had a winner in the first hour. A few hours later, I came back, and I had my other winner.


Creating art is a win/win. I process my thoughts or just meditate while I’m creating. As a bonus, I have artwork to sell, give away, or just to enjoy for myself. Here’s the original artwork I created this fish from. Look carefully, and you’ll find the fish. I knew I had to create a fish when I spotted it in there!


Look carefully, and you’ll see a woman’s face. This just proves that there’s always more than just you see when dealing with things and people. There. I created, I shared it, I gained some insights from this. It’s a win/win/win. 

What do you create?


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