Undo, redo, rinse, repeat…

This week I’ve been creating new pieces of artwork from old ones, using my computer and paint software. With most things and many people, you don’t get a do over. That’s why I like digital artwork. Gotta love that undo button!

I did a good piece with one of the first images I ever posted on this blog.


I took that and changed up the color, then cut out the shape  of a couple of elephants, added some plants and a tree.

Here’s what I finally ended up with:


Thanks again for visiting. If you like what you see here, maybe you’ll like what’s on my facebook art page. Here’s the link to that:



2 thoughts on “Undo, redo, rinse, repeat…

  1. Awesome! I was just looking at a fabulous shower curtain with an elephant on it – zentangle style, I thought about giving it a try, but made the purchase instead. I just don’t have the talent or patience yet. this is great. And your “Spelunking” is out of this world. I just love it.

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