Why I doodle what I doodle

Do you really want to know? Maybe I should have started this post with a disclaimer. Once, a fan described me as ‘the most random person’. My mind can go from thoughts about making forest leaf caramel to seriously analytical thoughts about Sylvia Plath’s poetry in three minutes. Then, it will switch to all the things I would accomplish if…(fill in the blank.) From there, I most likely go in the direction of thoughts of friends and family, to curiosity about my dog and her dreaming.

I try to stay in the moment, focusing on what I’m doing, where I’m at and who I’m with, whenever I’m not doodling. That keeps me from dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. Sometimes I doodle in a meditative state. My endless inner chatter stops and I’m totally focused on where my pens are going. Those are some of the best times with pen in hand. Other times, the inner chatter wins over and all those random things get mixed into my doodling. I’ve learned to catch myself and switch gears towards more positive things when my mind wants to ramble. Though, I still haven’t mastered catching myself early in the game. Still, I’m getting better at it.

It seems the media is geared towards keeping our thoughts fearful. Advertising capitalizes on those fears by convincing us we cannot live or simply aren’t good enough without their products. I suppose I could write a lot about that topic. I try not to buy into any of it.

Art gives the artist a chance to escape. It gives the consumer a chance to do the same. Have you ever really looked at a doodle? A zentangle? Where does your mind go when you do that? I’m going to try something new this week. I’ll try to stay focused on a single subject while doodling. I’ll let my Facebook fans know what I was thinking about when I doodled each picture. It will be interesting to see where my mind takes my pen.

First, a little digital work, then a doodle:Image