Computers have changed art!

Melzzartt FB page

ImageI did this drawing on paper, posted it on my Facebook art page the other day, then decided that I’d like to see how I could change it with a computer program. I changed it twice. This green one is closest to the original. A color change and a filter made it even more interesting:


Not everyone appreciates digital art. These two pieces of art are a good example of how computers can be used to enhance standard drawings. Here’s a copy of the original:


I also do artwork with just the computer. I’ve debated posting digital art on my Facebook art page, not knowing how my audience feels about it. A few friends gave me mixed reviews when I asked for their honest opinions. So, I decided that I’ll just post whatever kind of art I happen to be doing, from now on. In the near future you might even get to see some of the mixed media works I do in my art journal.

Link to my Facebook art page: