Persistence and Confidence

I don’t give up easily.  I’m persistent.  I’m as tenacious as a migraine. I’m a survivor.  I won’t let this stop me.  I am a winner!

You’ve heard those words before; maybe you’ve even said them.  They’re positive affirmations, sentences loaded with confidence.  I use these kinds of sentences every day.  I say them out loud, write them down, say them again.

It took me a long time to get to the point where I believe in myself and my abilities.  Getting there took encouragement from family and friends, even therapy.  These people helped, but nobody else could believe in me for me.  Nothing they could do or say could make me believe that I was a valid person with potential.  I barely believed it myself when I took a step forward and decided to start a Facebook page for my art.  That’s because confidence comes from doing.

Unless you step out and actually take initiative on your dreams, they don’t have a chance of coming true.  Right now, things aren’t going exactly the way I thought they would, with my plans.  Still, I’m persistent and I’ll keep on trying.  Even if things don’t work out the way that I would like them to, I still tried.

Being persistent might mean looking fear of rejection in the face and saying, “So what, let them think what they want to think about me, say what they want to say.  It’s not stopping me from going after my dreams”.  Or, It might mean making an investment of time, and/or money.  Either way, it’s a risk.  You get up, every day, deciding that you’re going to keep on trying.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from suffering with chronic pain, it’s that I’m tough.  I won’t let a little roadblock get in the way of my dreams.  I’m persistent.  I can’t make you believe in yourself.  Only you can believe in yourself enough to make the positive changes you might need to in your life.  I can only share my story with you, hoping that I gave you something worth reading, that will help you in your life.

Believe in who you are.  You are a valid person with the right to go after your dreams.  Be persistent and never give up.  Write these words down, post them where you’ll see them, and say them often.  (Even if, right now, you don’t believe them.)  There is power in the spoken word:

I don’t give up easily.

I’m persistent.

I’m as tenacious as a migraine.

I’m a survivor.

I won’t let this stop me.

I am a winner!


5 thoughts on “Persistence and Confidence

  1. Hooray! I love posts about people going about their lives and being as positive as possible. I’m not sure I’d use the “tenacious as a migraine” one lol, but it’s super cool you found some that work for you. This is a really nice looking blog, too. You picked a neat theme and put a great banner with your work on it.

    Also, thank you for visiting my blog! It’s always a lovely surprise when someone new stops by because it’s only a few months old and there haven’t been many. :o)

  2. Wow. I love your art:~) I have a friend who teaches art and is an abstract art painter. I will definitely send her over to visit you. She will love coming here, just as I think I will.

    It’s funny that the post I landed on is about persistence. I once took a test, which tells you about your strengths. At that time “persistence” was my top strength. I was disappointed as it seemed like such a dull strength…at that time.

    I’ve since realized how valuable persistence is and how much I use it, count on it, and need it. It has gotten me through some really tough times and helped accomplish things in my life I didn’t think I could do, but did. Sometimes I had to crawl to get there, but persistent kept me going.

    This sounds like something you do very well. You keep going after your dreams, even if pain tries to pull you back. Did you ever see Gattaca? It’s a film with Ethan Hawke. There’s one scene in it where he beats his brother at a swimming challenge to get to a buoy and back. He’s never been able to beat his more powerful brother, but he does it this time. His brother asks him how he did it and his reply is “I didn’t plan on getting back.” I take this to mean he was persistent. He looked forward, not backwards and just kept swimming:~)

    You’ve got a very nice site. Oh, I love the tag, “weird art by an admittedly weird lady!”

    • Thank you, Sara, for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. You’re right, persistence is a valuable quality! Thank you, in advance, for sending your friend! I’ve never seen that film. My husband knows his film trivia. He’s probably seen it. That’s right–look forwards, not backwards! And, keep on swimming! Every morning, I have to get myself in the right mindset to face another day of chronic pain. I tell myself that I can do this. I manage to get through the day a whole lot better, that way. I’ve definitely got the weird thing goin’ on! Haha! Thanks again for visiting!

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