It’s How You See It…


There’s something mysterious happening when I draw these abstract pieces.  I love birds and horses, carousels, people.  All of those have mysteriously appeared in my art.  I didn’t plan for the carousel horse to show up in ‘Carousel’.  I didn’t plan for the faces of a man and a woman to show up in ‘Wistful’.  I didn’t plan for the birds to show up in ‘Birds in Hiding’.  Could it be that I‘m over thinking this?  Maybe it’s not mysterious, at all.  People have a tendency to attach their own ideas, perceptions to the divine.  That’s why we have so many religions in the world.

Maybe these things that appear in my work are manifestations of my sub conscious.  I think about birds all the time.  I love to hear their cheerful tunes when I awake.  There’s a little park around the corner from my house where it seems that all the birds in town gather in the evening.  I often go there just to sit and listen to all the chirping.  Is this
why the birds are showing up? Maybe it’s just because I use lots of curved lines
in my drawings.

I could say something spiritual the whole experience and say that my work is trying to tell me something. And, it just may be.  Though, I don’t want to go off the deep end and start assuming that there is a hidden message in everything I draw.
One thing is true about all of this:  I enjoy creating these pieces. If there is a hidden message in my art, it would be this:

Every person interprets things differently.  Some people take a look at what I create
and don’t see the hidden images.  Others stare at them a long time, fascinated
with the things that seems to appear out of nowhere.  We’re all different and have different views.  Those views are based on our experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.  We can all learn something from every person and situation in  our lives.  We don’t have to agree on how we see things.  Though respecting the other person’s right to see things how they choose to is key to living in peace with one another.