Flutter by, Butterfly

I love butterflies.  They are flying splashes of color that brighten up spring, summer, and fall days.  They sport the garment of the glory of the divine. One day, while at a local park, I saw the most beautiful yellow butterfly.  It had black designs on its wings; its design was nothing short of spectacular.  There was a little girl nearby with her mother.I said, ‘Oh, look at the beautiful butterfly!’  The little girl echoed my sentiments by saying, “It is so pretty!”  Then, she stepped on it, squashing it with her foot.  I was crushed.The butterfly in my drawing, ‘Flutter By’ was intentional.  It didn’t just appear there, the way the other images usually do in my drawings.  Though, some of the lines were starting to form a butterfly shape, so I turned them into a butterfly.These beautiful creatures are messengers of change and metamorphosis.  Native Americans and other cultures have attached great spiritual significance to them.  After all, butterflies do go through great changes to be come the splendid creatures that drift about among our flowers so freely.  I’ve often wondered about the little girl who stepped on the butterfly.  Did she, at some point, experience some change that made her learn
to respect all living things?

I’ve experienced lots of changes in recent years.  Many of these changes were brought about by the tremendous physical pain I live with.  Just like the lines in my drawings
form things that I didn’t plan, the pain in my life has caused change that has
caught some people off guard.

I won’t apologize for becoming my own person.  I won’t apologize for feeling the way I do.  Though, I will apologize for the things I do and say if someone else takes
offense to them, even if I never intended for them to be hurt.

Look for the ‘butterfly moments’ in your life.  They’re those passing moments that teach us about life.  I learned a lot when the little girl, a symbol of innocence, snuffed out the life of a butterfly, the symbol of freedom and change.  The contrast that existed in this moment spoke of how life can take you by surprise.  Some things you can prepare for, others you cannot.

Appreciating the beautiful things that exist in my world has helped me to get through each horrendous moment of pain.  So, flutter by, butterfly.  Just make sure you stop
for a minute so I can experience your splendor and learn from you.  We are both