Balloons and Gratitude

Sometimes I feel like this balloon.  I feel caught, trapped and unable to free
myself. Did you find that those words resonated with your own being? Chances are that you did.  We all feel like that from time to time. I snapped this pic of these
balloons caught in a wire above a sidewalk near my home.  I was thinking that it would take more than an average breeze to free them.  I noticed them about a week later. They were completely deflated.When I feel like this, I have to either write, draw, paint, or craft something in order to
find my release. I’m so grateful for the ability to express myself in these ways. I’m grateful that I can create something that gives someone else pleasure to see, that I can find release and others can benefit from it.
I find that gratitude helps me when I feel trapped.  If I can find something to be grateful for, despite what’s going on, it helps me to get through the situation, helps alleviate the stress.  It’s like that strong breeze that’s needed to lift the balloon back into the air, where it can soar above the tension and problems.Finding the gratitude in the moment doesn’t make the problem go away.  A wild wind can send a newly released balloon right into the branches of a tree.  Gratitude just makes waiting for another release easier.  We develop patience as we wait for
answers.We don’t often have many choices in our circumstances.  We can choose how to react
and how to feel about it. Redirecting our thoughts toward the more positive things always helps us to keep things in perspective.