I call this ‘Spelunking’, because it depicts a  cave.  Yes, there are actually stalagmites and stalactites in this drawing; there are lots of  hidden images.  It’s like a glimpse
inside of my head.
Yes, I create.  That’s because I’m a person.  We’re all capable of creating something other than chaos or havoc.  I’m just crazy enough to believe  that’s true.  I’m a person, so, I create.  It wasn’t too long  ago that I didn’t  believe in myself enough to
put my work out there for others to see.  I lived with self-doubt into my forties.  I believed lies.  I believed that I wasn’t good enough, that I was  ‘damaged goods’.
I created this at a time in my life when clinical depression consumed me.  My
world had caved in on me. I needed to create my world  over again. I needed to go spelunking.  I needed to find the  beauty that was there–in the darkness.

We all  see our lives, our little worlds according to our experiences, our backgrounds, our culture. I’d seen many dark days.  I was determined to find my way out
of the cave.

I started creating. I created weird works of art. Weird is just a
cool word for ‘abstract’.  For it is in the abstract things of life–those
unknown, mysterious forces, that we can create ourselves again.