Go figure

Hi! It’s been a while since I posted. I think it’s amazing what people like. I posted a digitally-edited drawing that I didn’t like onto Society6, where I sell my work printed onto lots of products. It sold. twice. I posted things that I really put a lot of work into and was really proud of, but they’re not selling. :D Go figure! Not that I’m complaining! LOL!

Here’s one I posted that I really don’t like as much as my other work:

couldn't think of a better name for this...

couldn’t think of a better name for this…

Here’s a photo I took that I really like:

Bee Content copy (2)

I think the patterns and abstract artworks work better for the products on the site. Though, wouldn’t this bee make a cool duvet cover?

Playing With the Moon

That’s pretty much what I do. I play with the moon. I grab my camera and go looking for the moon. Then I try to get the perfect shot. When the mood is right, I run that thing through a digital art/photo-editing program and give it a little boost. Sometimes I leave it just as I shot it. Either way, I have fun playing. Here’s a little haiku to go with this one:

I chase phantom moons

Across empty parking lots.

Capturing bliss.


haiku and all artwork  ©Mel Bohrer 2014